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Tim’s Dinner

Posted: 16/02/2023

Following our last update on Tim’s dinner in February, we are thrilled to tell you that, between you, you raised a staggering total of more than £180,000! As you can imagine Tim has been thrilled with the evening’s success, it has clearly meant a lot to him to be able to help fellow sufferers in such a meaningful way. He would love to do more but, as you are probably aware, Tim’s health has deteriorated further in recent weeks and he is more limited in what he is physically able to do.
We have spoken to a number of Tim’s friends and supporters and it has become clear that they would very much like to make the dinner an annual event, to be known simply as “Tim’s Dinner”.

As a testament to Tim’s courage and resolve, and the determination of his friends to help him in his fundraising efforts, Challenging MND is delighted to announce that, on behalf of Tim, it will be honoured to host such an annual dinner, commencing next year, 2024. We hope that, with the help of Tim and his friends, we will be able to recreate an event of the same level of good will and camaraderie that Tim achieved this year.

Thank you all again for your extraordinary kindness and generosity. We will let you know as soon as we have chosen a date for next year.