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We are Challenging MND

Inspired by Alex Gibson who was diagnosed in 2018, Challenging MND was set up to provide financial support and assistance to those living with motor neurone disease, to complete any lasting memorable challenges or experiences.

Challenging MND currently has a flat structure in place. This allows the organisation to be nimble and flexible to deliver on its core values and provide much needed support to the MND community quickly. Challenging MND relies heavily on its many volunteers, particularly for its events. The charity is always on the lookout for people to volunteer and bring their skills into the organisation, allowing us to continue to provide for the community.

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Our Team

Alex Gibson

Chairman and Founder

Tarzem Shoker


Jane Watson


Paul Everitt


Frankie Humfrey

Social Media

Emma Robertson


Andy Long


What sets us apart is our holistic approach. Unlike other MND organisations, Challenging MND focuses not only on the individual facing MND but also on their family carer(s). By intimately understanding the circumstances and needs of each beneficiary, we tailor our support to optimise their well-being. 

Recognising that the impact of MND extends to family carers, we are committed to improving the quality of life for individuals with MND and their dedicated family members. By listening to the MND community and understanding their interconnected needs, we strive to enhance the quality of life for both parties. 

Join us at Challenging MND as we navigate this journey together, fostering hope, compassion, and empowerment for those affected by Motor Neurone Disease.