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How we help

Whilst most MND charities admirably raise money for much needed medical research, Challenging MND sets out to create memorable challenges or experiences for people living with MND, giving them; their friends; and families; lifelong memories that can never be taken away.

These activities no longer have to be sports based; instead, it may be a trip to the theatre, a weekend away, a gin tasting etc that they choose.

For those individuals living with MND who have poor mobility, we offer the option of a virtual reality experience instead… swimming with dolphins, skiing, skydiving or a bespoke activity of choice can be commissioned through our partners at Flix VR.

We are unique in starting our offer to support family carers to ensure that they get the chance for respite in their caring duties, by paying for professional carers to sit with their loved ones, to allow them to recharge their batteries.

We recognise that caring for a loved one can be really tough and resilience can start to wane over time leading to crisis. This part of our service should avoid that from happening.

Finally, we can assist with quality-of-life grants. On a stand-alone basis or as a top up to those agreed by the MNDA and subject to our trustee’s approval.

Our aim is to ensure that there are no obstacles, whether it be financial or training equipment, preventing these amazing challenges from happening.

Please get in touch if you know of someone or have been diagnosed with MND yourself and require assistance with any long-lasting memorable challenge.

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